FAQs for SGD figures

* What’s the difference between static type and dynamic type?

The dynamic type can twist her limbs and torso as 001 does, with vagina.

The static type can only maintain the same posture and does not have a vagina

* Do both dynamic and static types support bracket placement?

Yes, after the improvement, the current figures can be supported by the crotch bracket without drilling holes on the back.

1. Q: Can I change the cup size after I place the Pre-Order?
A: Yes, you can still change your cup size until you receive your sculpture number (e.g.:SCN0001).

2. Q: What kind of skeleton/armature is in there, is it a pivot joint or wires?
A: The figure using ball joint alloy EVO skeleton and the ball joint has a universal function.

3. Q: Her skin is made of silicone, will it tear?
A: The skeleton of this product is a ball joint skeleton, which will not cut the skin from the inside. It also uses wax-like packaging technology, which ensures that her skin will not crack from the outside.

4. Q: How long can this silicone figure be stored? Will it oxidize or crack?
A: She uses the latest wax medical silicone encapsulation technology, which guarantees that it can last for more than 20 years.

5. Q: Is She poseable?
A: SGD001 is made of platinum silicone with an internal alloy skeleton, crafted to be as poseable as a real human.

6. Q: Is She made of regular silicone or platinum silicone?
A: It’s made of platinum silicone.

7. Q: Is She functional?
A: Yes, She’s functional. She has a real 1:1 simulated pussy,The depth is 13-14 cm.

8. Q: Is She implanted hair or a wig? Does the hair fall out easily?
A: She’s implanted hair, which is finer and softer than typical wig hair. Like real human hair, there may be slight shedding, but it won’t affect its appearance significantly.

9. Q: Is She a single or double holes?
A: She has a single hole.

10. Q: When do I pay the balance if I pre-order now? When will it be shipped?
A: The balance payment is expected at the end of the year, and shipping will follow.

11. Q: Can I choose not to have a hole? Does it affect anything?
A: You can choose not to have a hole by specifying it in your order. The appearance is the same, and it won’t affect posing or aesthetics.

12. Q: Can you provide information about SGD Studio? Is SGD001 the first product?
A: SGD Studio has been in the figure-making industry for over ten years, primarily focusing on OEM production. Many of our designers have a background in fine arts, and the design director has a deep understanding of human anatomy and ergonomics. SGD001 is the first publicly released product.

13. Q: Do the fingers have joints? Are they prone to puncturing?
A: The fingers are slender and do not have joints. They can be moved freely, and measures have been taken to prevent punctures.

14. Q: How many types of breast sizes are available, and how do I choose? Is the price the same?
A: Currently, there are two breast sizes: medium and large. You can choose it during pre-order term. Yes, the same price.

15. Q: How do I clean a SGD figure? Is there a tutorial?
A: You can clean a SGD figure with shower gel, just like a real person. After air drying, you can apply body powder (any brand).

16. Q: How is the stand support implemented?
A: The stand support is achieved by adding a small opening at the back of SGD001, which locks the stand in place when needed. It doesn’t affect the overall aesthetics, and when not in use, there’s a matching filler.

17. Q: Does the product match the official images?
A: Yes, you can rest assured that the product matches the official images. The official images and videos are based on actual photoshoots. We have a rigorous quality control system to ensure consistency.

18. Q: Can the eyeballs move, and how?
A: Yes, the eyeballs can move. Due to their small size, they can be adjusted using a sharp object to touch the white part of the eye.

19. Q: Does the hair get messy easily? How do I care for it?
A: The hair is implanted and requires occasional care, similar to human hair. We will provide an official tutorial on hair care in the future.

20. Q: Is She shipped with clothing?
A: Nope. Usually will be devided into two packages.

21. Q: Will there be further improvements to the head sculpt and body?
A: The head sculpt is finalized, but based on feedback from agents and customers, we will continue to optimize the body. It is expected to have a height of approximately 78cm after optimization.

22. Q: How can I pose it, and what poses can it achieve?
A: The skeleton is designed to mimic human movement, so it can achieve most poses that a real person can. We will release official instructional videos on posing, dressing, and maintenance.

23. Q: Will the silicone burst or crack?
A: We use imported platinum silicone, which has undergone extensive testing. It can handle extreme poses and has not experienced bursting or cracking during our testing period of over a year.

24. Q: How should I store it when not in use?
A: When not in use, cover it with a transparent dust cover to prevent dust accumulation. Store it in a cool, well-ventilated area, avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

25. Q: Will the colors fade?
A: The head and body have undergone multiple layers of makeup and special processes to fix the colors. They will not fade or wear off.

26. Q: Is the skin soft to the touch?
A: The skin is made of platinum silicone, which feels soft to the touch. However, the head is slightly firmer than the body to maintain its shape, especially for implantation purposes.

27. Q: She is this 1/2 or 1/3?
A: When the first version was announced in July, she was told that it was 73 cm/2.39 feet, which we called 1/3. In September 2023, the size of this figure continued to be optimized, and the height reached 79cm/2.59 feet. Adding the height of the high heels and the base, the overall height reaches 84cm/2.75feet, so we now call it 1/2.

28. Q: How do you charge shipping fee and tax?
A: The sale price will not cover any tax or shipping fee, we will inform buyers after they placed the orders.

29. Q: What’s the ‘Release date?
A: Release date is approximate, any changes will be updated on the page.

30. Q: Do you provide confidential shipping services? I don’t want the courier or anyone else to know what’s inside.?
A: Yes, of course, we will deliver it discreetly.

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