Crafting Tifa Lockhart: The Artistry and Challenges of a True Collector’s Figurine

Hello everyone, I’m Fang from SGD Studio. I’m not just a sculptor; I’m also a passionate figure collector.

Today, let’s delve into the design journey of SGD Studio’s Tifa Lockhart figure. Both I and the fellow collectors around me have a deep love for the characters from the Final Fantasy series, particularly an ardent admiration for Tifa Lockhart’s design. In the first quarter of 2023, our studio excitedly decided to create a figure that could authentically capture Tifa’s unique features. We embarked on lengthy discussions and research, pondering over which materials to use for this creation: resin, PVC, or silicone?

Initially, we envisioned a figure with articulated joints, lifelike skin, movable eyeballs, flowing realistic hair, and meticulous makeup, all while paying attention to every detail of the body. Ultimately, silicone became the only choice, and one of our designers began the modeling process.

However, we encountered significant challenges during the creative process. Silicone was prone to punctures from internal skeletons, it could easily crack, and storing it proved to be challenging. To address these issues, we sought advice from silicone design experts, wax sculptors, and BJD (Ball-Jointed Doll) design specialists. Finally, in May 2023, we welcomed the first version of Tifa. This product utilized a spherical alloy skeleton to prevent silicone skin from being cut or punctured at the joints. We employed medical-grade silicone encapsulation technology to ensure that the sculpture would remain flawless, without aging or cracking, even after 5-10 years of use.

By June 2023, our studio had overcome all difficulties, from finely carving the head and body to implanting hair, designing eyes, and customizing clothing. We even created a dedicated stand for this figure.

Throughout the entire process, we continuously sought input from Tifa enthusiasts. These suggestions drove our innovation, resulting in additional features like a purple dress and a lifelike 1:1 human reproductive organ function for this sculpture.

In July 2023, our first version of the product was officially launched and photographed by one of our studio’s passionate enthusiasts, Jack. Yes, he may not be a professional photographer, but his enthusiasm ensured that our work was presented as authentically as it should be. Indeed, what you see now is the first version of Tifa Lockhart, a 73 cm high, 1/3 scale silicone articulated figure.

By August 2023, due to continuous feedback from passionate enthusiasts, we began optimizing the second version. Our main focus was enhancing the precision of body details. The new sculpture’s height will increase to 80 cm, the shoulders will be broader compared to the first version, and the skin texture on fingers, toes, and other areas will be even more lifelike.

We anticipate that the final mass-produced version will be released in the fourth quarter of 2023. At that time, our studio will deliver the most perfect product to our cherished, passionate enthusiasts.

Tifa Lockhart Figure 1/2 Silicone Statue Finger Update

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